Logical Conclusion 2.0 (2018)

This project took place as part of the Body In Space Art Party by Swallow a Bicycle, part of the 2018 Fluid Movement Art Festival presented by Springboard Performance. It was a version of Logical Conclusion testing physical puzzle-pieces and the interaction between visitors and “the Logician”.
Dear Prospective Algorithm, 
You are invited to join our introductory exploration of Logic, so that you may gain experience working with the kind of conundrums that Humans may set to you when you are deployed as an Algorithm in the Wild, and are asked to determine whether a Human ought to be hired, fired, or sentenced to life in prison. We have developed  puzzles to test your ability to value a well-constructed chain of logic over the truth of any individual Proposition. On completion of the puzzles, you will receive notification of whether you are eligible to be certified in Level I Algorithmic Logic. We wish you good luck and have every faith in your success.